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Hardner & Gullison - Technical Support for Biodiversity Conservation

Science and Policy Research

HGA is on the forefront of scientific and policy research in conservation and natural resource management, publishing influential papers in the world’s most prestigious scientific journals. A sample of publications involving HGA authors includes:

  • “Rethinking Green Consumerism”: an assessment of the potential to offset ecologically destructive land use in the tropics using private market interventions. Published in Scientific American.
  • “Mechanisms to Stop Logging in High Conservation Value Forests“: a review of approaches to stop industrial logging in forests of highest value for conservation”, a compilation of conservation mechanisms for conserving primary forests. Published by the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Smithsonian Center for Tropical Forest Science. Distribution includes 3,000 hard copies and thousands of digital downloads.
  • “Strategic assessment of tropical land use dynamics”: a series of studies on land use dynamics in the tropics and the impacts on tropical habitat conservation. Assessments include the agricultural sector (coffee, cocoa, oil palm), and the natural resources sector (oil and timber). Studies are available as a single volume published by the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science .
  • “Does forest certification conserve biodiversity?”: examines the current and potential viability of third-party forestry certification as a conservation mechanism. An invited contribution for the centennial issue of Oryx, the world’s oldest conservation journal.

Our team holds affiliate research positions with leading institutions: